Nephew injured by uncle's knife dies

Jaunpur. In the village of Haush Pokhra in the police station area, an argument over land distribution took a tragic turn on Tuesday when Nephew Mahesh, who was injured with his uncle’s knife during the altercation, died on his way to the trauma center in Varanasi. Nephew’s death has caused a commotion among his relatives, leading to difficulties for the police in taking possession of his body.

According to the information, Vidya Devi, a resident of the village, had an ongoing dispute over land distribution with her brother-in-law Shyam Singh. It is said that on Tuesday, the dispute escalated, resulting in a physical altercation between both parties. On Thursday, Vidya Devi filed a written complaint with the police, alleging that her brother-in-law Shyam Singh and sister-in-law Asha Devi had the intention to kill her son Mahesh Singh by stabbing him in the abdomen with a knife and also assaulted her severely. Upon hearing the commotion, the villagers intervened to defuse the situation. After receiving the information, the Jafarabad police registered a case against the accused under sections 323 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and sent them to the district hospital for treatment. Due to Mahesh’s critical condition, he was referred to the trauma center in Varanasi.

However, Mahesh succumbed to his injuries on the way to Varanasi. Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of her husband’s death, Babita, who had fled from Mumbai, revealed that in her statement given to the media, the Sub-Inspector in charge of the Jafarabad check post, Ashish Pandey, instead of filing a case against her husband and arranging for his medical treatment, drove him away from the police station. Later, an NC (non-cognizable report) was registered on Wednesday, and a medical examination was conducted, but they refused to provide a copy of the medical report. On the other hand, upon receiving information about Mahesh’s demise, there was a frenzy in the police administration. To prevent any further incidents in Haush Pokhra village, the police force from Jafarabad, Jalalpur, Line Bazar, and Kotwali police stations, along with the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel, arrived at the scene. The death of Mahesh caused a state of shock among his relatives, who demanded the arrest of the perpetrators and action against the In-charge of Jafarabad check post. Only after the assurance of action against the accused by the police station in-charge, Rajaram Dwivedi, did the police manage to take possession of the body and send it for a post-mortem examination.

The family of Mahesh alleges that if the check post in-charge had allowed the medical examination or taken a photograph of Mahesh’s injuries, they would have taken him to a private hospital for treatment, and his death could have been prevented.

It had been just a month since their wedding.

Jafarabad. Upon receiving information about her husband being stabbed, Babita, his wife, rushed from Mumbai to her in-laws’ home in Haush village. In tears, Babita explained that their marriage took place in Mumbai on May 2. Their married life had been shattered. In her emotional state, she cried and said, “My two brothers-in-law are younger than Mahesh. Mahesh used to work at a gold-rolling factory in Mumbai. Mata Vidya Devi and I are devastated.” At the scene, the police station in-charge Rajaram Dwivedi, City Kotwal Satish Singh, Line Bazar Station In-charge Sanjay Verma, and Jalalpur Station In-charge

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